9 Jan 2018

How to find a job

I have been getting a lot of questions about how I go about finding a job, what websites I use and what tips I have. So this post to share with you guys everything I know and hopefully it will be a help to atleast one of you!
  1. While you are looking for a job register with an agency, for example, Reed and Hayes. You provide them a CV and they match up jobs which are suitable and match your CV. You maybe given a temporary 3-6 months contract and I have seen a good 70% of people ending up with a permanent role after their contract ends. If it doesn’t don’t worry keep looking and in the meantime the agency will be there to help but you do have to keep on top of them. 
  2. Register on Indeed. You can send your CV to potential employers just by one click. Also I love indeed to find local jobs which are available. 
  3. Register on the apprenticeship website, the pay may not be as high but there are some amazing organisations that will help you develop your skills which will be valuable at any work place. 
  4. Google will be your best friend in this job hunt because it will bring up all the jobs which are available near you and there you go you can apply accordingly. 
  5. Go to your local businesses and companies and ask if they have any jobs available. Private places may advertise on their window rather than on a website. 
  6. Never give up and always keep trying. 
  7. If your from Manchester for example look on Trafford website for jobs, or if your from Birmingham than search for Bullring jobs. So depending on your area do a search. 
  8. Total jobs, Graduate jobs are all good websites
  9. If there is a particular company you want to work for, for example Lloyd’s Bank or NHS then type in search ‘NHS jobs’ or ‘Lloyd’s Bank Jobs’. Make your search tailored to your needs. 
  10. If you need your CV checked there are various websites which provide a free service however others do charge.
  11. Do voluntary work and build your CV
  12. Get it checked by your university tutor or adviser who helps students with their CVs and take their advice job hunting. 
  13. Go to recruitment events and make sure to take a couple of copies of your CV with you. Also dress up smartly, appearance matters.
  14. Have self-belief and don't be dishearten if there is nothing available. Manifest your dream job by using Law of Attraction - I will be posting a blog post about it sometime soon. 
  15. Be positive
  16. Do something you love, for example if you love writing then start your own blog and diary, if you love baking start your own baking business, if you love doing makeup become a makeup artist. There are plenty of self-employed options so make use of your talent.
  17. You need to keep an hour or two for job searching every day
  18. Talk to family and friends and see if they are able to introduce you to their work place
  19. Ask to see if you can shadow a job to see if its something you would want to do and if you put yourself out there during your work experience then they are likely to hire you
  20. Lastly but the most important one is to create a LinkedIn Profile - There is a good chance an employer will see your profile and will directly contact you.

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