23 Jul 2017

Stop hating what you are not, & loving yourself for what you are

So I understand if you are going through a difficult time. 
It’s ok to catch yourself having a good ol’ whine
You’re not alone, there are millions in the same boat, and there are steps to get you back in line. 
Accept the situation you are in, 
Without darkness, the stars can’t shine. 
Never let go of the hope that’s your lifeline. 
This struggle is not for you, but for your loved ones too, that’s the headline. 
You have power over circumstances not the other way round, 
Only then will you see the sunshine. 
Soon you will be remembering all the things that made you smile, 
Instead of all the troubles in the back of your mind. 
This is a war, destroy what is trying to destroy you, never give up and decline.
Surround yourself with laughter, it okay to be silly. 
If that doesn’t help you, you can just keep yourself busy. 
Remember to eat right, exercise, you can even do that for free. 
Then unwind, relax, do some mindfulness exercises, you don't always need company. 
Develop love and compassion, help out in your local community. 
It’s a funny thing, but you will be smiling out with glee. 
If you need some extra help, why not join a support group or do some CBT.
Life is tough and can be quite a strain. 
But it’s like not waiting for the storm to pass, instead, learning how to dance in the rain.
It’s okay not to be perfect, it doesn’t mean things will end in vain. 
Unlike relying on other people’s approval, it’s likely you will never be sane. 
Also be careful if you are sad and alone because all sorts of rubbish come out of your brain. 
My philosophy of struggle today to become stronger tomorrow may seem to go against the grain, but after the darkest night will end, the sun will rise again.

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