2 Jul 2017

Mental health and depression awareness poem...

You may see millions smiling, but many of which are breaking inside
Their lips may sayI am fine...I am ok
But looking deeper into their eyes you can tell that they just lied
Their demons are real, but all they know is to hide
The longer and longer this happens, the more of their soul has just died
They don’t get a buzz from anything that they used to do with pride
All the negative flashbacks have returned and multiplied
All the screaming and chatter seems like a rollercoaster ride
They open up to a few people they know, but they take the opposite side.
It’s just weakness, not an illness they cried.
They recall this at 4 am at their bedside.
Well, another day without 40 winks no matter how hard they tried.
Now they are starting to feel exhausted all the time, having behaviour problems, it’s not them, their brains are just fried.

To be continued...


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