20 Jun 2017

How to manage stress and anxiety

I have just finished my undergraduate course and soon will be graduating, however, I have come to realise there is more stress leading up to graduating than while I was studying. I don't know what I am going to do once I have graduated, I have no clue what to expect coming out in this world of work. Luckily, I already have a part-time job, but soon I will be moving home and it is proving to be pretty difficult not being able to find a transfer as there are no jobs available back home.

So here are a few of my tips on how to manage stress and anxiety
  • Meditate and concentrate on your breathing
  • Try and relax or stay calm and be positive
  • Don't overwork your brain
  • Keep your thoughts to a minimum
  • Keep looking until you are satisfied
  • Ask your university for help and attend job fairs and recruitment open days
  • Every morning when you wake up have a cold glass of water
  • Take a break
  • Do something you enjoy to divert your mind (for example, I have started to blog a lot more lately due to having the time and as well as enjoying what I do)
  • Talk to someone about your problems - parents, friends, family, partner...anyone who is understanding. Trust me the support you will get and the boost of confidence is remarkable.
  • Slow down...just take things as it comes. Learn to live in the present, its easy to say than done though. I have learnt not to be greedy and to be happy with what I have achieved so far in life as I am sure there is more to come
  • Eat well, this is important because you want to make sure you have the energy to help with your mood
  • If you have anxiety all the time then why not set a time where you allow yourself to worry and be anxious. For example, 6.30pm - 7.30pm write down all your worries and have a little fight with your mind. Then by 7pm be sure to forget about everything and start fresh, this way you will not be spending the whole day worrying about things as you know you have a time for that.
  • Don't over commit and prioritise your commitments
  • Learn where the source of your stress is and how that source can be ruled out or replaced with something better or even solved.
  • Replace unhealthy coping with healthy ones for example binge eating - why not go out with friends or find a gym buddy and motivate yourself to make your own body and soul better
  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Get moving - On a lot of occasions I find myself dancing around the house with my favourite music in the background, this helps to brighten up my mood and releases the stress I have.
  • Do what you enjoy doing
  • Finally don't give up!

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