14 May 2017

Things I wish I knew before starting University

  • Work load - Everyone said Sixth Form and A Levels is the most difficult time of someone's life in education. Gosh...little did they know! As a final year student, I can say the most difficult time is this! A Levels seem like nothing compared to this.
  • Friends - At first you will not know who to trust, who to make friends with and if those friendships will last. I found it difficult to open up to people due to moving away from home, then seeing all these friendship dramas, I ended up keeping myself to myself. I also found a lot of people knew each other due to college and school, however, there were plenty like me as well who moved away from home. 
  • There are times where you will just feel like the world's ending. Mostly in first year, I had days where I would just cry because I missed home so much! I just wanted to quit everything and go but you learn to pick yourself up and make yourself stronger. 
  • The library will end up being your best friend. I didn't expect to spend so much time there it's practically like my second home.
  • Learn to live with all sorts of people. Some people will have a different personality, attitude and lifestyle than yourself but, you will eventually learn to get along with everyone
  • I was never outgoing - as in, I wasn't into parties and I, therefore, struggled to 'fit in' however, I learnt how to balance everything. Parties and having fun is not a bad thing and there are ways which you will learn to enjoy yourself.
  • I wish I knew university and moving away from home will contribute to my weight gain. After countless McDonalds, KFC's, takeaways and unhealthy food days after days due to being lazy and not cooking. I don't know why I am blaming uni, it is totally my fault!
  • Text books are expensive
  • If you do not start your uni work early then prepare to fail. I have learnt from my mistakes, rushing and working last minute does not work to get a good grade. Uni work is more complicated than that. Unless you're of course clever and can work last minute!
  • You need to be motivated. Every day. 
  • Never give up. 


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