30 May 2017

HudaBeauty Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Who else is obsessed with liquid lipsticks? I certainly am! I used to love MAC lipsticks and have a full draw of them which now I do not use. Liquid lipsticks are the new perfect combos. I am a lipstick addict. I never leave the house without any lipstick, I can go without foundation, powder and even without doing my eyebrows! But, I cannot go anywhere without any lipstick.

On Instagram there are plenty of these gorgeous makeup pictures which I always lust about. When I saw Hudabeauty was launching her own liquid lipsticks I was over the moon, then came the swatches and I couldn't wait to make a purchase. Personally, the full sized products are pretty expensive, mostly when you want all of them! So, I decided to wait for the mini versions to come into stock in Cult Beauty. So far I only have the red set, but I am looking to purchase the Pinks and browns when I have the extra funds!

There are 4 shades in this 'red edition'. They are 'Heartbreaker', 'Material Girl', 'Show Girl', and a new metallic shade called 'Famous'.

Swatches from top to bottom... Heartbreaker, material girl, showgirl and famous

Heartbreaker is a true red. I normally prefer blue undertones when it comes to red lipstick but this will do as it is just as beautiful! It is more of a dark red-pink on my lips than a true red but with a red lip liner its perfect. This could be due to my pigmented lips.

Material Girl is a dark fierce purple.

Showgirl is a pinky red - but more on the pink side.

Famous is a daring metallic burgundy.

Please excuse my tan lines, I have recently got back from Santorini and didn't realise how long I had spent in the sun!

The formula of these is excellent. It glides onto the lips smoothly and they are very pigmented. It dries quickly into a matte finish and is long lasting on the lips. I did find as the day went on the colour rubbed off the middle of my bottom lip. The smell is delicious by the way! I want to eat it, it has a sweet scent!

I can't wait to purchase the nude, brown and pink mini sets of Hudabeauty liquid lipsticks.


  1. These look amazing, such beautiful shades! Love your blog! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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