2 Apr 2017

'10 Reasons to be happy'

I have been seeing a recent tag going around the blogging world. I was kindly added to the tag by the lovely Chanetee (see her post here!

I love the idea of this blog post as writing it down makes you realise the feeling of happiness and makes you think. So here's my happiness and I tag everyone who is reading this! Let me know in comments if you do decide to post this topic! 

Relaxing - I love relaxing and I mean who doesn't? We may not always get the time to relax but it's something when we do, it brings a sense of happiness. Relaxing can be done in various ways. I love relaxing via dreaming / imagining about things in my life. I like going into my own world and just picturing my life the way I like it. It puts me into a relaxation state which makes me happy. I also love meditating and clearing my conscious mind and concentrating on my breathing. 

Family & friends - One biggest part of my life. These people make me happy as no matter what they always stand by me. If I'm feeling down or having a bad day I ring my parents and just by hearing their voice makes me feel so much better. Also knowing the fact I have these people in my life, just makes me feel 10000x+ lucky. 

One special person - This person has seen my ups and downs and has been by my side throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. Knowing I can always talk to him about everything and anything is an extraordinary feeling. More than happiness. Besides my father, he is the next person who treats me like their queen. No matter what problem I have, he always has a solution. This is happiness. 

Pizza - Oh god, as I am writing this I am eating a big fat dominos pizza...yummm! Pizza is comfort food for me, I can eat it daily, 3x a day and anywhere. Even when I go on holiday I eat pizza so when I went to Rome I lived on pizza for lunch and dinner! Pizza is my weakest link when it comes to food and diet. 

Blogging - Without a doubt of course, I love blogging. Recently I have been blogging more often however, I wish I could blog more! I love being creative and taking pictures, but most of all I love writing. I can write forever, about anything. I love writing from the bottom of my heart. Loving something brings happiness and joy and blogging is one of them for me. 

Travelling - One of my biggest passion is to travel the world - one day. I am slowly travelling and going on one holiday at a time to different parts of the world. I first started with travelling around UK - Aberystwyth, Stafford-Upon-Avon, Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth, Isle Of Wright, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Newcastle and plenty more! I mean why not start with the basics and see what's around you first? I now want to see Europe then venture out to the other continents. So far I have been to Paris, Italy, Spain, Prague, Dubai and soon going to Santorini in Greece. I would love to go to Switzerland, Austria, Amsterdam and Germany before the end of 2018 at the latest! I also would love to go back to Dubai and relive those dreams. 

Bed - Another comfort zone of mine, bed literally is happiness as it is pure comfort. It keeps me warm, helps me to rest and relax and just be lazy. Who doesn't have a lazy day? I try and make Sundays my lazy day and it's something I look forward to every week. I love being in my pj's and not having to care or worry about anything. 

Writing a positive note each day - Since the start of this year, I have been writing a little note about what has been the most positive thing of the day. No matter how bad the day has been there always is a good thing that must have also happened. I have been writing the note with a little memory and the date. I put this in a jar and at the end of the year I will be opening up every piece of paper to read back my 2017. This is basically happiness in a jar.

Volunteering - Making a difference brings me inner peace. Knowing I have made a difference to someone who maybe is less fortunate than me makes me see life from a different angle and helps me realise and appreciate my life a lot more. Sometimes we just need to have that experience or see it from someone else's eyes to appreciate and value thing's. 

Materialist things - This is one of those topics which some people may think...hold on a minute! Anyone who knows me, knows I love my designer items. I appreciate luxury not because of the price but because of the craftsmanship and the story behind each and every item. Every time I look at the items it makes me think of all the hard work I did to save up the money to purchase them. Two of my favourite items are my Rolex watch, which has been kindly gifted to me by my parents as a graduation present! It's one of those that I am going to remember and cherish forever. Second my Chanel Boy Bag which I received as a present from the other half. I will never be able to part away from these items. All other items I purchased myself. I get happiness from these items because it reminds me of my hard work and I see it as a reward.


  1. I love that you've included pizza on your list, because pizza is life! I really enjoyed reading this post (and am also a bit jealous that you have a Chanel Boy bag) x

  2. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!


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