13 Mar 2017

Seize the day...live for the moment

We all have been in that dark place,
Tough decisions, unpleasant situations is all we face,
Fear of failure, giving up, thinking we will be a disgrace.
Well, the key to life is, it is not a race,
At the same time don't sit idle, time is precious, not to waste.

So remember you are your own biggest enemy and friend,
Whatever happens to you, you can amend,
If you are not where you want to be, you can just pretend.
That's for the short term, for the long term there's a bit to comprehend.
First, notice all the good deeds that you do and don't forget to commend,
Every moment be happy, have fun and laugh away,
By being positive it doesn't give room for negativity to stay.

Find your purpose, what fulfills you, what makes you - you,
Then change your view, tell your old self that you knew,
That we are through, now shoo.
With yourself make a pact, but don't think of the impact,
Just think of every small act, then in time, short and long term goals you will crack.
It is easy to go off track, but with a positive attitude, you can defend any attack.

So how do we develop this attitude, it is by thinking at step one you are not screwed,
But by getting yourself in the right mood, finding reasons that will keep you glued,
Obtain the accurate facts, before being subdued.
The right self-pep talk, resilience and optimism you should include.

We all understand the Law Of Attraction,
So don't be lazy, no time for procrastination.
Use whatever you find, visual techniques, motivational posters, and positive affirmations,
Change is not easy, but down difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations.
There is only three letter difference between can and cannot, let that be your inspiration.
Negativity is a drug that weakens you, it is just a distraction,
Shout as loud as possible, I can - I can - I can, without any hesitation.

- Written by Sumeet K Ghasi ©


  1. This is truly amazing and has opened up my mind to make myself a better person - love Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny. glad this has helped! x

  2. Heart touching. you need to post more like this

  3. This is so motivational! You sound like someone who has read the secret (if not you definitely should I think you would really enjoy it) Em x


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