27 Nov 2016

Summer in South England

During summer I decided to go on a mini break somewhere near the coast and south of England. We like travelling and going away and as I had 10 days off work we knew we had to book something to make the most of it. Our last minute plan meant everything was a little too expensive. I wanted to go to Cornwall, however it was like £1000+ for the two of us for 7 nights! How ridiculous! We could pay that much and go abroad, all inclusive for that price! We did think about going abroad however we wanted to leave it until September when it will be a little less hot and a lot quieter compared to now.

After a lot of destination hunting we finally settled for Southampton. So why there? Firstly, it was one of the cheapest place we could find for accommodation...still cost us £400 for the stay & on top food, petrol etc! Next it was close to a few areas which we wanted to visit for example Bournemouth, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight! 

Southampton itself is very big indeed. I really liked the West Quay shopping center where there is a huge choice of different shops just like you would expect to see at a city. There were many pubs, restaurants and a Burger King on every road so you are spoilt for food choices! We mainly spent our time there by walking around and seeing the place. We didn't really find any activities which we could do, but on a nice day it's nice to get a feel of the city by walking around. 

Bournemouth is beautiful. The beach is so relaxing and we were really lucky the weather all week was lovely and warm for us. Maybe a little too hot for me! Can't complain though. We had a nice walk around the Pier and then sat on the beach for hours until sunset! We went into the water and overall it was just so much fun!

We also visited the Isle of Wight during our time down South. We had to catch a ferry from Southampton which took about an hour and before we knew it we were there. I was so glad we took the car with us as it saved us from getting on and off a bus all day long. I was so exhausted by the end of the night as well that travelling by bus would of made it more tiring. We first stopped at East Cowes and worked our way through Rhyde, Sandown, Shanklin, Ventor, Newport and back to East Cowes. We didn't have time to do the whole of Isle of Wight as by the time we finished it was 10pm! But I believe we did the majority and saw more or less the things we needed to see. Isle of Wight is a beautiful little island, the houses there looked stunning! I am indeed very jealous of all those residents! 

That's it for my week! My little adventure ended so quick that I can't believe I am back home already. We of course did a lot of sight seeing and walking around however I was really unwell that I barely had the energy to take pictures. 

Until next time...bye!

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