13 Nov 2016

Prague...on a budget

Always heard good things about Prague, whether its a couples, family or single traveller holiday. Of course after hearing all the positive things I had to go and see it for myself! Holiday was booked via British Airways. We went to Rome with BA and had a great experience and let me tell you one thing guys, BA has some amazing deals, we paid £120 each for bed and breakfast for 3 nights and 4 full days at a 3* hotel but it seemed more like a 4* - bonus! On top got £15 cash back from Quidco so it was even more of a bargain! The only thing is you have to fly out from London but if you can get there its well worth it.

Anyways, lets get started...

Our flight was about 7.30am so we had to get to Heathrow airport pretty damn early, we reached Prague airport and got our luggage by 10.30am (Prague time). Once your at the airport there is a tourist desk where I would recommend you purchase your bus ticket if thats the method of travel you wish to use. It was only 30CZK which is about £1! The bus took about 50 minutes to get to Andel Station where our hotel was located. We stayed at the Angelis Hotel, which is a bit out of the main tourist area however we walked everywhere! We did not use the metro or the bus (except getting to and from the airport). 

We managed to check into the hotel early and our room 33 was huge! It was a suite, with our own balcony and a big clean bathroom, king size+ bed and a sofa bed on the side. We weren't expecting much for the price we paid to be honest but we were amazed with the room and couldn't of been happier with the service throughout the during of our stay from the hotel. They were available whenever we needed them. Highly recommended if you don't mind staying about a 20 minutes walk away from the main area.

Budget tips:

  • Eat in local places and not touristy areas where its likely to be a much higher price
  • Shop in local shops
  • Use buses and trams
  • Walk as much as you can - Prague central is doable by foot - I did it!
  • Don't spend money on street food, I thought the prices were ridiculous!
  • Don't use taxis, I think Prague is known for being the most expensive when it comes to taxis
  • If your going on a boat tour look around for the best price don't pay more than 100CZK 
  • Don't take too much money as I found better rates to convert money in Prague than UK, we also took too much and came back with 3000CZK 
Here are some photos to show my visit...

I am not really doing Prague any justice with the bad quality photos! Unfortunately my camera broke therefore had to take all my pictures on my Samsung s7 Edge! I did expect it to be a lot better quality than this to be honest, I guess I will stick to iPhones next time.

Well that is it for my Prague trip, I am still very disappointed about the photo quality guys :( however wanted to publish this post as a memory for myself so I could look back too.

Now to purchase a new camera, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know, I already have the Canon 600d which takes amazing photos but too heavy to carry on holidays. My Sony A5100 died so can anyone recommend anything better?

Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post, everything was paid by myself.



  1. I visited in January this year - if you're looking to do Prague on a budget, it really is the best time to go. We got really cheap flights with easyjet and a fabulous hotel for a ridiculously low price! We did go for the Metro though - really good value for money if you buy a 24 hr ticket (plus it was far too cold and icy to walk everywhere in Jan!) I'd love to go again!

    1. I always thought January would be a bit expensive as its straight after Xmas season! Yeah metro is good value and considerably cheap, I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to walk in the cold! Luckily we had good weather throughout our stay! :)


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