23 Nov 2016

Pizza Express Review

I am a big foodie! Being a student it is nice to go out and eat however I am not the one to experiment as I will be spending my money therefore want to eat what I will enjoy to eat! With my student account I was given a free tastecard which allowed 2-4-1 meals at certain chain and privately owned restaurants.

We decided to go to Pizza Express the other night and have a good two course meal. You know its winter, you want warm food but don't want to cook after a long day at work? yeah thats my life right now! I am actually on a strict diet as I am going to the gym 5 times a week however I have learnt its good to have a cheat meal once a week just to satisfy those cravings!

Once we got to the restaurant we were welcomed and got given a table pretty much straight away. After looking through the menu we decided to order starters and mains.

I ordered a Bruschetta Originale Pizza Express - This was a warm Bruschetta bread with garlic butter, chopped up tomatoes, onions, pesto and a basil leave on top. I loved this combination as without a doubt tomatoes and pesto and onions go well together. This was full of flavour which I throughly enjoyed.

The second starter was Bruschetta con Fungi - This consisted of a warm Bruschetta bread with garlic butter, mushrooms, a creamy sauce, onions, parsley and topped with balsamic vinegar. Apparently this is an amazing starter, I don't like mushrooms so I have never tried this but if you do give this a try its meant to be nice! (Well thats what I was told!). I can't give you much information about the taste but the sauce is mild with hints of cheese and garlic.

Now for mains...

I ordered Pizza Pollo Forza - This pizza is on a thin Romana tomato base and came with chicken, chills, garlic and chilli oil, cheese, jalepenos, onions and mixed peppers as toppings. I also added chilli flakes on top as I like my pizza to be hot! I could really taste the flavours of this pizza. When you first bite into the pizza you can taste the tomato base and cheese, then the flavour of garlic and chilli oil come through along with the toppings. I added some house dressing to balance out the spiciness of the pizza and let me tell you guys, that sauce is delicious! It took the pizza to another level! The pizza is really filling as you can tell by the size and because we had starters I was filled after eating half therefore packed the other half to eat later at home.

The other pizza was a vegetarian choice. It was pizza Giardiniera on Romana base with a few topping changes. This one came with mushrooms, peppers, chillis, jalepenos, pesto, tomato, mozzarella and garlic oil. He also added some chilli flakes. Once again I cannot comment on the taste but it looked delicious!

The total bill came to around £18 which we thought was a bargain considering we had two starters and two mains! Thank god for the taste card we now have an excuse to go to many more restaurants!

Would I recommend Pizza Express? Yes I would! If anyone is wondering which branch this was, it was in Birmingham Sutton Coldfield. The staff there were excellent, food came on time and we had nothing to complain about!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will talk to you guys next time!

Disclaimer: Everything was paid with my own money. This is not a sponsored post. I received the taste card for free for opening a student account with my bank.

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