8 Nov 2016

Lady Dior Mini

Can we just appreciate how beautiful this baby is...

I have always been a sucker for luxury goods, so when I saw the Lady Mini Dior my heart missed a beat, it was like love at first sight! I have never fallen in love with something so beautiful. The luxurious soft leather, with silver hardware and the small size was perfect for my liking. I love the fact I can use this bag for a special occasion or when I want to give my outfit a little ump. There is a long strap which comes with the bag which can be used to use the bag over the shoulder or on the shoulder. This is great when you want to be hands free. 
The size of this bag is 17 x 15 x 7 cm. It is a timeless and classic bag with Cannage topstitching. I always wanted the Lady Dior in Medium and in Gold hardware, however when I tried it on in store it just wasn't me and didn't suit my petite figure. Also I thought I would purchase gold hardware as my Chanel Boy bag is in silver, however the gold just does not suit my undertone no matter how much I tried. I highly recommend going into the Dior store and trying on and finding the perfect size and colour to match you.

This retails for £2050.00 on the Dior website as of November 2016. Before anyone asks, I did not receive this bag for free (I WISH!), I purchased this with my own money. I have an addiction to luxury goods, therefore every month I save a little bit to go towards my luxury. I may upload my unboxing video on to youtube. If anyone wants to see let me know. 

What fits in the bag:
Chanel Small Wallet
Louis Vuitton 6 binder Key Wallet
Samsung S7 Edge
1 single pack of Chewing Gum
Portable phone charger

As you can see it fits my essentials. I know some people carry a lot more things with them and I used to do that however I like to keep things minimal now and like to only carry what I need with me. I always end up loosing my phone when I carry a big bag and get a mini heart attack, whereas with this bag I have everything in one compartment!
If you would like to see more luxury good reviews or hauls let me know as I have a few things which I have brought in the last a few months which I would love to share with you guys!

*This is not a post to brag about what I purchase, instead it is to share my happiness with you guys*


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