20 Nov 2016

A Luxury Haul...

I see luxury items as an investment. I know it is not to everyones taste however I love brands. I love the history behind some brands and believe in the quality. Over the last couple of months I have bought a few items which I absolutely love and do not regret purchasing! Money is hard to come by so I don't just go out spending money on whatever I like! I think 100x before I make a purchase and do my research to make sure I am getting the best and spending my money on something which is going to last me years to come.

Chanel Espadrilles 

I have been lusting over these espadrilles forever. I have had Chanel espadrilles before, the canvas navy and black pair however did not think it suited my style. I have been on the hunt for a black and white pair for a good two years so when I saw these I had to make an immediate purchase! These are the speckled leather version with double sole. I have them in UK size 6 when I am normally a UK size 5, this is because it is leather and during summer I did not want my feet to sweat! I am only planning to wear them during summer as I can see them getting ruined in winter. Therefore for the time being these are now packed away in my wardrobe ready for summer season. I purchased these for £350, not sure if the price is different here in the UK as these are from abroad and currency varies.   Would I recommend these? Ofcourse! They look stunning on and go with every outfit. They are very comfortable and give me that little height due to the double sole. If you see them in store and they have your size don't hesitate to purchase them as they are always sold out so you would be very lucky to get your hands on a pair!

Chanel Brooch
Isn't this brooch breath taking? I was in London back in September and as always went into Selfridges. After browsing through a few departments I had to go into Chanel even though I don't think my bank account was pleased. I went in mainly to look around and this unique classic piece stood out to me. I love my bling as I like to wear simple outfits and glam it up with some sparkle. This therefore looked perfect. I remember standing there starring at this brooch, imagining myself wearing it with a denim jacket, some leggings and trainers as well as a lovely dress and heels. This meant to me I could style this in any way I wanted whether it was casual or for an occasion. I asked the assistant for the price and was told it was £400+ (can't remember the exact price, maybe £425?, will look at my receipt and update!) I could not justify the price and told myself I did not need it and walked out. However the resist didn't last for long and I had to go back to purchase it the very next day! A brooch is very versatile and you can wear this on your jacket, top, jeans, belt, scarf, hat, shawl...etc!

Chanel Small Purse 
Ok, I have always had the classic Michael Kors purse, that lasted me for a good 5 years until the leather decided to rip as I used to overload my purse with receipts, cards and coins! I kept the MK purse and used it for a good year and a half even after it ripped as there was no other purse that stood out to me. I also used a basic coin purse which had 'London' written on for all my coins. I don't know how but I always end up with loads of change. Anyways, when I went to London last month, I decided I was going to purchase a new purse/wallet but not knowing which one. Once again I went into Selfridges and straight to Chanel. I asked to see their small leather goods and the assistant showed me this purse as well as the lambskin version, card holder in both leathers and the big long purse. Card holder was out of the question because the price difference between this and the card holder was about £40. You are getting a lot more leather and space with this purse compared to the card holder. This retails for £360 and is in Caviar leather which is more durable and scratch resistant compared to lambskin. I can fit about 10 cards in this as well as some cash and some coins, so all in one. One reason why I went for this purse compared to the long version is because I tend to carry small bags now such as the Lady Dior Mini, which does not have space for a large purse. Would I recommend this? So far yes! I love it, looks very classy and I love the quilting as its ones of Chanel's classic pieces.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and hopefully talk to you all on Twitter!

Disclaimer: Everything was bought with my own money. Some of these pictures are from my Instagram therefore have the watermark on. 

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