8 Apr 2016

March Favourties 2016

I have not done a favourites post since last year I think? However this year I want it to be my blogging year! University will be coming to an end soon for this academic year therefore I want to get back into the blogging world and do as much as I can and like I have said before I MISS BLOGGING! I wish I had endless amount of time but if you are at university you will know how hard it already is when deadlines are approaching.  My blog design will hopefully be changing in the upcoming a few weeks and can't wait to show you guys the new look!

So lets get started...

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow - Cocoa Bear

This colour is absolutely amazing and is a must in everyones collection. It works amazing as a transition colour as well as a crease colour. It is a warm brown with red undertones and is perfect for my skin tone. I have been using this colour religiously every time I have worn eyeshadow this month. I can't believe I have only jumped into this hype of Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I brought mine from Beautybay and have also recently purchased another one as a back up, along as other colours as Beautybay had a discount over the Easter weekend.

Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Concealer

I actually forgot how much I loved this product. A good concealer which covers dark circles is a must for me, I also like my concealer to act as a highlighter and this one works perfectly and meets all my requirements. This is one product which I always go back to no matter what. It is cheap and well worth the money.

MUA Lip Liner

I have used MUA lip liners before but once again forgot how good they were. I have ran out of my favourite Mac lipliner which is in Spice, which I have worn for the last a few years non stop every single day without a doubt! I normally wear it on its own, but sometimes add Mac Velvet Teddy or Whirl Lipstick on top. As its spring and summer is approaching (not that we get much here in UK!), I wanted to try out brighter colours therefore purchased MUA lip liner in plum. It is a gorgeous purple berry colour and goes perfect with the Mac Captive Lipstick. MUA has great products for the price. Being a student, being cost effective is very important and the quality you get with MUA products for such a low price it is just unbeatable. If you have not tried MUA before, I highly recommend the highlighters, velvet matte lip creams and lip liners.

NYX Yellow Compact Powder

What can I say about this product?! It is absolutely amazing! I have used the Ben Nye Banana Powder however sometimes it creases under my eyes and other times it is perfect. However this NYX Yellow Powder is just too good! If you have not tried it guys I really recommend it as I can't get enough of it! It helps to set my concealer and gives it that extra highlight. You can't really bake with this powder as it is not loose powder, however I apply it with my beauty blender and pat it on, and then I finish the rest of my makeup and then I go back and use the beauty blender again just to dust of any excess. There isn't normally any powder left over, however going back with the beauty blender just helps it to blend it out. I would love to try the NYX Yellow loose powder next!

Cadbury's Dairy Milk

Yes this is a very unusual favourite that I am writing about. I have been loving Cadbury's Dairy Milk with it being £1 for a pack of 4 at many supermarkets its pretty irresistible! Trust me I have gained a few extra pounds during March because of all the chocolates. I also was pretty sad as supermarkets ran out of my favourite Easter Egg before I got a chance to purchase it. However Dairy Milk filled that tastebud!

Pantene Smooth Mouse

I am not the one to normally post about anything hair related as I can barely manage my own! I don't have time to make hair masks anymore as I used to, thats why lately my hair has been getting no love at all! This mouse though has been a life saver for me. My hair has become very dry and when I straighten it there is normally no shine and the ends look like they are practically dead. So I decided to use this mouse after I wash and towel dry my hair and before I blow dry my hair. This makes my hair smell amazing, and also makes it more manageable as well as shiny and healthy! What a bonus getting all these benefits at once! I don't straighten my hair, if ever unless I am going out somewhere special. Therefore this product helps even when I don't straighten and just makes my hair look a whole million times better as oppose to using no products at all (which was the case all this time, until I discovered this!)

Well I guess that is it guys! Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and let me know if there are any products you recommend for me to try out for April's favourite.

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Disclaimer: Everything was brought with my own money!

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