3 Nov 2015

My Beautiful Boy

This bag was not bought directly from Chanel, however instead from Hardly Ever Worn it. 'Hardly' is an online website where users can advertise their luxury goods. It is a bit like Vestiaire Collection, however Hardly are based in London.

They offer VIP service, this is when the seller hands the item over to their London branch and Hardly advertises it on behalf of them and they also advertise goods on behalf of celebrities too. If you do not want the VIP service, you can put your items up for sale yourself and post it to the buyer directly yourself when the item is purchased.

I spotted this lovely bag on their website, and placed an offer as quick as I could. I had never heard of Hardly before, therefore spending a lot of money without doing any research was not possible. I searched on Google and to be honest I couldn't find many reviews. I then found their Facebook page which does have very good reviews.

This bag was advertised as 'Never worn/Brand new' but without tags. It was also being sold by Hardly (VIP) service. I emailed them and got an instant reply from the lovely Liz, who I must say was absolutely amazing! She provided the best customer service and I knew from her response I could trust what she was saying. I asked a lot of questions about the item being genuine and she gave answers to everything I wanted to know. Before I knew it my offer was accepted and I went to pay via Pay Pal.

Anyways, the bag was delivered the next day and it is absolutely beautiful, stunning, breath taking! It looks better in real life than in pictures. It is the most gorgeous dark pink colour. I did not actually want a black Chanel bag as I normally wear black, white or camel colour clothes, therefore I like a bag with colour just to give my outfit some kind of spark.

So if you are looking for a website where you can purchase luxury items for a cheaper price and want to save some extra cash (We saved at least £1000 for a brand new 2014 spring collection!) then give Hardly a visit! There are many items which are brand new and preloved. I only have experience from buying directly from Hardly themselves through their VIP page. Therefore I can not say how the service is when brought directly from a seller.

***I have not been sponsored by Hardly or nor do they know I am even writing this blog post! Everything was brought with my own money or purchased for me. Nothing was given for free***


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