2 Jul 2014

June Favourites - A little bit different

During June, I been trying to use up products which I already have at home as I was on a spending ban and could not purchase any beauty products! I am very proud of myself as I didn't buy anything so the spending ban was a success! Also I didn't use my jail card so even better! There were many times throughout the month where I just wanted to go out and do a good beauty shop however I restricted myself and avoided going into Selfidges/Boots etc. So if you are planning to go on one just keep yourself away from those beauty shops! So now on to my favourites..

FujiFilm Instax Mini 8
I brought this camera in May and ever since then, I have been using this more than my digital camera! It's such a fun little camera to use and I am a selfie addict! If you ask 'S' I'm sure he will agree too. I love this camera to capture those moments as I know once the picture has been taken I can't do anything to change it. Where as whenever I take a photo on my digital camera or on my phone I know if it doesn't look good I can always delete it. I think this is the beauty of this camera - not knowing how the picture will turn up! 

Glamour Magazine
As we all know in June Glamour magazine was being sold with an Eyeko eyeliner! I was so tempted to go out and buy it but my mum knows I am an eyeliner-holic! I can go out the house without any foundation, blusher..etc but never without any eyeliner! When I came back from work one day I noticed this on my bed and I was over the moon! So thanks momma! I have used this all through June and it is amazing! In my local Sainsburys there's still stock left of this so I'm thinking about buying another two and keeping them as back up! The colour is blackest of black and I find it really easy to use. Also it has a matte finish and I would say NYX Skinny eyeliner is a dupe for this which I also have. But I definitely prefer this one! 

Call me crazy but I have literally been living off Nutella this month! I have developed such a bad craving that I sit on bed and scope it out with a spoon and eat it while watching tv! My mum even had to snatch it off me so many times and at the moment I have banned myself from purchasing another one after this tub finishes.

Huda Beauty Candy Eyelashes 
I have always wanted Huda Beauty eyelashes however it's so hard to purchase these in the UK :( so I had to get family who visited Dubai to bring me a few pairs back. During June I have been loving these 'Candy' pair of eyelashes. They create a dramatic look and I barely have any eyelashes of my own so these really help to bring my eyes out.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
I have been loving this foundation this month. I brought this a while ago... Maybe last year? But never got around to using it, however in June I made the most of it. It gives a medium-full coverage and does not slide of my skin even in the hot weather we have had recently so that's a bonus!

That's it for my favourites! I know I haven't listed many beauty products because I am still using and loving my favourites from May! I thought I would make this a little different and add in non beauty products which I have been loving too! 


  1. The fuji camera is so high up on my wishlist it looks amazing!! Xx

    A Blonde Moment

    1. It is amazing! Keep an eye out on currys.co.uk as they have sale offers sometimes. Mine was on sale so I had to buy it! Xx

  2. I really really want one of these mini polaroids! I'm going to get one for when I go travelling, and make a scrap book :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens


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