11 Jun 2014

Update - Day 10 Spending ban

Just a quick little update, it's day 10 of my spending ban, well techinically day 11! I was meant to post this post up yesterday but was so busy just didn't have the time.

So far it is going good and I have not brought any beauty or fashion products. I have been in Birmingham a fair few times and as Selfidges is there I have been tempted way too much that I nearly had a mental breakdown! On top saw this lovely Ted Baker hand bag which was absolutely gorgeous but came with a £159 price tag! 

Look how beautiful this bag is? (Pictures taken from Ted Baker website) 

I still have one 'get out' jail card to use and I still haven't decided what to use it on. 

Maybe a new Jo Malone perfume? Hmm... I really don't know but I did sample a few scents in Selfidges and loved how strong and long lasting they are that I just want one even more now! If you have a favourite Jo Malone scent let me know! 

I am going to try and leave it as long as possible before I use my jail card, until I know I just need a spend! Pay day is coming up on Friday and I am pretty much dreading it! On the plus side I am hoping this will help me save up some money from my wages to purchase a new car! So this spending ban will be well worth it in the end and my purse will be loving me. 

My mum also treated me this week to a new pair of nude high pigalle heels from Office which cost £65. I am absolutely in love with these and I think this has really helped me keep my mind of spending. I actually have a few events as well as work placements coming up this summer to attend and these pair of heels are perfect to wear! They look professional and the heels are just the right height for day time comfortable wear as well as night time. I would recommend you to go and try these out before you purchase as they are a tight fit and if you have wide feets like me you might find it a bit uncomfortable. 

Now that's my quick update for you guys. Hope your all doing well, sorry for the lack of posts I have just been overly busy! Will be back into my regular blogging routine next week!


  1. Such a cute bag! Accessorize has one which is similar but a bit cheaper - I'm going to do a no spend in July eek!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I am going to go into Accessorize and have a look! I think I will do one again in August! Good luck on yours!

  2. Hey, honey!
    Your blog looks great! Followed you via bloglovin. Please follow my blog (not profile) back.



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