16 May 2014

Quick beauty tips and tricks

Did you know you can get rid of morning eye bags just by putting a spoon into the freezer for a few minutes then placing it under your eyes for a minute or so?

Did you know washing your hair with ice cold water seals your hair cuticle making it appear shiner, healthier, softer and smoother! 

Do you suffer with dry cracked hands and feet? Use a heavy moisturiser such as raw Shea butter then wear gloves and socks and leave it on overnight. Gloves and socks will help the product to penetrate into the skin better so it will be deeply moisturised which will help to get rid of the dry skin. 

Out of shaving gel? Use your hair conditioner! A perfect alternative also conditioner will moisturise and make your skin feel softer - bonus ey?! 

Do you want to lighten your hair? Use Head and Shoulders original shampoo. It naturally strips your hair without using any bleach. You can also use lemon juice and honey this will also naturally lighten hair as well as help with any dandruff issues and make your hair look shiner. 

Does your hair feel greasy and you have no dry shampoo? Just use your loose makeup powder! Use a big powder brush and make sure to tap off the excess and then dust it over your roots! Use your fingers to blend it all in and there you are, your set to go! 

Have you run out of makeup remover? Go and open your kitchen cupboard and use olive oil! It works just as well also it is moisturising for your skin!

That's it for today my lovely people! I will be posting more tips and tricks in my recent posts so make sure to be following me so you can keep up to date! :) 



  1. Thanks for the tips!! Happy weekend!

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  2. Great tips, the one where it says to wash my hair with ice cold water is a scary one though! I'd probably shiver to death - even the thought of it scares me brrrr..

    Yazmin xx

    1. Haha! yes I forgot to add just make sure you dont freeze your brain! Its good for your hair tho :)

  3. Replies
    1. Your welcome! thank you for visiting :)

  4. thanks a lot for sharing these beauty tips. I use spoon too to reduce the puffy eyes :D


  5. Yay I am glad it works for you!! I do it every saturday morning when I have to wake up for work mega early!


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