8 May 2014

Paris - Day Two

Another update for you guys! Thank God there is free wifi in the room that I am still managing to stay connected with you all!

So day two was also a tiring one! We had a nice lye in and decided to visit The Louvre! It started to rain in the morning however by the time we left the sun was back out! Yay!

We were finally getting the hang of using the metro so there was no trouble getting there. We found a map and just decided to walk around and The Louvre was an easy find! Unfortunately because it was Tuesday we did not realise it was closed so we planned to go back again the next day! 

Next, we decided to walk around and just go on a casual stroll around the place!

Some how we came across the love lock bridge! Totally unplanned but it was something different and something nice to see! Of course we had to put a lock on to be cute, as we were passing by! BFF = Best friend forever! 

We then carried on walking and visited some local shops. We walked past the garden and took a little break as we already had done so much walking!

We found a local Italian restaurant and they had lunch hour where you pay €13.50 for a main meal, fries and a drink! Everywhere else we looked the food was so expensive and this was literally the cheapest place we had found! 

After our lovely meal, we walked to the nearest metro station and made our way back to the hotel! We were really lucky as the weather stayed nice and we planned to visit Eiffel Tower later on at night. However the plan failed as we fell asleep as soon as we got to the hotel!

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