11 May 2014

Paris - Day Three and Four

I will be combining day 3 & 4 together as not much happened and it was more of the usual being a tourist and looking around the city type of thing!

So day 3...

We went to visit Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a beautiful Church. There was a bit of a que to get in and it started to rain however we were lucky because as we got inside the rain started to get heavier.

The inside of the Church is stunning! The detailing all around the building including the windows is absolutely beautiful! It is a peaceful environment and everyone is requested to stay silent to respect people who are praying. 

Next we walked around the local area and as it was lunch time we looked for somewhere to eat.

We found a local cafe/restaurant called Quasimodo Notre Dame. The crepes that they were making outside smelt gorgeous and they were pretty busy compared to other places! Which is always a good sign. We waited to be seated and looked through the menu selection. They had more or less every kind of food you would want.

I obviously went for Steak & chips! As soon as I saw it on the menu I knew that's what I was going to have! Whereas Aymee went for sausages and chips. 

The food was delicious! The steak was cooked to perfection and was very yummy! We were also given a basket of roll bread but I didn't really know how to eat it as no butter was provided? Anyways we both enjoyed our meals and the price was around €15 each with a drink so that was a bonus! 

Afterwards we headed back to the metro station, on our way back we visited every little souvenir shop that was there on that road! It was raining and it helped the shops were right next to each other so we could waste some time. We were looking for little gifts and let me tell you, buy your gifts from there! It's probably the cheapest place where you can buy little souvenirs. I regret not buying the gifts I brought back for people from there as I kept thinking I will find the same things cheaper else where...but I never did.

So that was another thing we had on our to see list over and done with! We headed over to The Louvre next as we wanted to go inside which we couldn't the day before as it was closed. 

I didn't really take many pictures as I already had loads of The Louvre from the day before. Also I am not into art and museums so it was not really of my interest. However of course I had to take a picture of Mona Lisa! People were pushing and shoving to get closer so they could take a picture but me being me I just zoomed in hence it is not the best of quality!

Now we went back to the hotel to take a little break and hoped for the rain to stop! Which it did to our surprise as the weather forecast said it would be raining all day! The sun came out around 7pm (CEST) and it became really warm yay! 

The Eiffel Tower was only on our list that was left to do! We knew we had to make the most and just go and see it before we became lazy and ran out of time. 

And there it is! As you can see the sun was really bright and the evening turned beautiful! We relaxed for sometime there however people kept pestering us if we wanted to buy any key rings...beer...more souvenirs etc even though we had said no like 100 times! Which really fed us up, so we moved and looked around the little area before leaving to go back to the hotel. 

Day 4

Now day 4 was nothing major, it was simple and a day for us. We went shopping! Finally! However before shopping we went to see Moulin Rouge. We had seen so many little tourist postcards with Moulin Rouge on, that we just had to go and look around the area. We didn't stay there for long but it was just nice to see something else and walk around. Moulin Rouge felt a bit like Camden town in London. The building style, the shops and just the whole atmosphere felt so similar!

Now for the shopping! We only went into MAC and Sephora! How I wish there was a Sephora here in the UK :( I was so busy looking at the products that I didn't even remember I should be taking photos! I only brought a few items as it was just too overwhelming and I didn't really know what to get.  

After shopping we only went back to the hotel and started to pack everything so we were ready to leave the next day. I do miss Paris and would love to visit again! Now that's it guys that's the end of my Paris series. I do travel often but mainly around UK if you guys would like to see more travel posts let me know!



  1. I visited these places when I was in Paris and they were stunning! looks like you had a fun trip

    1. They are gorgeous! Just lovely to look at! It was a great trip went too quick lol


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