6 May 2014

Paris - Day One

Bonjour everyone! First things first, Paris you are a beautiful city! And it is love at first sight for me! So now that my love confession is out of the way lets get started! I have only been here for one day and I just can't believe how stunning this city is! So as promised I said I would blog about my travel experience so here it is.

I am in Paris for 5 days, 4 nights. To be honest, the last day is probably going to be more of a travelling back to the airport so I won't really have much to write about. 

The first day started early, I already had a busy Sunday and didn't get to bed till around 1.00am only to wake up at 5.00am early Monday morning! I had to get the train at 8.00am where I also met Aymee and off we went to Birmingham International Airport! We already checked in online so there was no queuing up for us, I was also surprised they did not weigh our suitcases and there was me making sure it was all under 10kg! I could of brought so much more with me! Our flight was very short about 45 minutes! Way shorter than our train journey to the airport! 

Now, the weather was gorgeous! It was around 19 degrees and finally there was some sun as in England we don't get much! 

France airport was pretty straight forward, a lot of walking though to get out. We already looked up where we had to go and what we had to do so we headed to the train station...this is where it all went wrong! 

At the train station we didn't really know how to get to Gare Du Nord as there was only two platforms and no where it said the stop we had to go to. We obviously missed something out in between and probably had to go to another station before we could get to Gare Du Nord or maybe there was another name for that station that we didn't know about? 

We tried to buy our Paris ticket through the self service machine however it would only accept coins or card! There was no change machine either :( (well there was one but it was out of order) so then we had to que up for ages and buy our Paris ticket from the information centre. Now we went to the platform but we got confused as our stop was not on the list! So we came back out of the platform using our ticket. We tried to find someone who could help us for ages, but there was no one who we could just say 'excuse me do you know how we get there' kinda thing! We then thought as there was only two trains lets just get on one as they all go to Paris and we could always get the metro afterwards. However the machine would not let us go back as we already used our tickets to come out of the platforms! This was really frustrating as again we were trying to find someone who could help us but unfortunately there was no one and the que for the information centre was way too long. By this time we already had spent over 2 hours of our time since we got off the plane. Then we decided to walk back to the airport and just get a taxi. So that was €10 gone to a waste without even getting on a train! 

Then finally we got to the hotel! The hotel is practically an equivalent to a Premier Inn in UK so it was pretty basic but good enough for us! The location was perfect as there is a metro station right in front so travelling to and back is no problem. 

We decided to have some rest and then set off to visit Arc De Triomphe! It was such a beautiful day that we knew we had to make the most of it. 

And WOW! The view, the whole area was like beautiful! It is really good that if you are under 26 you get to go to the top for free. I am pretty scared of heights so going up those 100+ spiral stairs was like a mission same with coming back down! I was literally taking baby steps on the way back and avoided looking right down! All the stairs was worth it though. The view from the top was magnificent! We did not want to leave! 

After spending a good amount of time there and taking some photos we headed to the nearest McDonald's for some food! Wow I don't think I have ever been in a que for so long. It literally took us 30 minutes to wait before we were served. It was funny watching how slow the service was but at the same time we were desperate for a drink and food and just wanted to be served! The que was not even big, there was like 6 people in front of us. Maybe we are just used to the quick service at our normal McDonald's in our home town? I really don't know! 

By this time it was like 9 PM (CEST) so we headed back to the metro station and back to our hotel. 

Now what a adventurous day the first day was! So hectic and busy. Long day. Frustrating and slow. But fun, beautiful and amazing at the same time! Our legs are absolutely aching like hell! However we are looking forward to exploring Paris more over the next a few days! 

Leave me comments and let me know if you want me to carry on updating! Also if you have been to Paris what was your experience like? I know this post has been really long and I am so sorry and I hope I haven't bored you guys!

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  1. Nice one! CDG airport is a bit of a ballache to figure out and I also had an issue with the trains. I didn't reckon much to Paris when I went in February, I think I might have to give it another chance :)



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