1 Apr 2014

Shopping on a budget!

Being a student sometimes has it’s perks, however you will all understand how it feels not being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want as you have other priorities! I have a bad habit where I have to do a bit of shopping at least once/twice or even more a month! Which girl doesn’t like to treat herself ey? You work hard and shop harder.

So this month I created a fashion board using Polyvore with the items I wanted to purchase. Most of the items on my fashion board are from River Island except the shoes which are from Zara. In this post I will be giving you tips on how to shop efficiently, saving you some money.

As you can see above these are the items I wanted to buy. I fell in love with the pale pink coat as soon as I saw it but it came with a hefty price tag of £70!

(Price list of the items…However the Zara shoes are £29.99 and not the price as shown above)

Je adore D’orsay shoes hence why I have added both black and nude pairs to my wish list.

So all my items add up to £211.98! Which is an expensive shop for 7 items! Now this is the confusing part, but I will try my best to break it down into bits to explain how much I actually paid.

Orange cami top – £9
Black cami top – £6
Spotted leggings – £16.50
Blue embellished blazer – £30
Pink pale coat – £45 (ASOS River Island)
Zara shoes black – £29.99
Zara shoes nude – £29.99

My final payment was  £166.48 so a total saving of £45.50! Now you are all wondering how?

Tip 1: Make a wish list or a list of the items you want to buy

Tip 2: Go in store, try the items on and write down your size (unless you know obvs) and look out for any in store discounts e.g student discount

Tip 3: If there are no offers in store then get your laptop out and type in google ‘_____ discount code’ fill in the blank space with the shop name you want the discount for and I promise you there is bound to be one which you can use when you checkout!

Tip 4: Register with Quido and earn cashback. I have made it into a habit of going on Quido first to check if the shop I am ordering from offers cashback online or in store. I have earned atleast £200 in the last year which is a bonus!

Also if you are going shopping make sure to check before if there are any discount codes online. For example New Look normally do 10% off for students with a valid student card, however sometimes there are discount codes available online for 25% off for everyone, so it will be better to shop online as you will be paying less
River Island don’t allow student discount in store hence I went online and found a discount code where you get 25% off non sale items, however I went in store first to make sure I liked the items on my list and the sizes were correct! Zara unfortunately did not have any discount codes available nor do they do student discount but I loved those shoes so much I couldn’t resist! Ohh I nearly forgot about the coat…well I decided to shop around to find something cheaper, I was looking through my email and found out ASOS had items on sales so I decided to give them a visit online where I found the River Island pink coat for £45! BARGIN! So another tip, shop around and subscribe to your favourite outlet as sometimes those emails are handy!
At the moment I only have my Zara black D’orsay as they had my size available to buy in store. The nude pair is on its way along with my River Island and ASOS package. I will post a new post with Images of all my goodies when they arrive

Disclaimer: This post is completely my own. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in my post.

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  1. I adore those ZARA shoes, they are so pretty and perfect for the long summer days.



    1. Thank you! And I really love them, hence brought a second pair before they go out of session! haha!



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