21 Apr 2014

My Perfume Collection

Since posting my Youtube videos, I have had a few requests to post either a video or blog post about my perfumes which I had in my background in my videos.

I am a perfume-holic. I believe a woman can make themselves feel more elegant and classy just by having a perfume on. I am always on the hunt to find a new perfume, it takes a lot for me to like the smell as I am very specific when choosing one. In this blog post I will try my best to describe the smell of each perfume I have.

Lady Million EDT by Paco Rabbane

This is my go to perfume! I use this all the time and always keep one with me in my handbag. This is my third bottle of Lady Million that I have brought in the last year! It definitely makes me feel glamourous when I wear this. The smell is very vibrant and is floral based. This has hints of honey, orange, raspberry and Arabian Jasmine. If you are into floral smells and need a everyday perfume I really recommend this as the smell is not too heavy or too light. It also lasts all day long without me having to top it up.

Stella EDP by Stella McCartney

This perfume is very feminine and I find it pretty strong for every day use on myself. I use this usually when I go to an occasion with family or friends. This has hints of roses, mandarin orange and woodsy notes. It has a modern mature sensual scent. It may not be to everyone's taste so I would recommend you guys to go and test it out before buying :)

Green Apply EDT by DKNY Be Delicious 
I love this perfume by DKNY! I also used to use the red apple perfume however I think it maybe discontinued as my local store does not stock it. The smell of this is very fruity. It is perfect for the spring time and when I am in a springy mood this is the perfume I pick up. It has a modern feast for the senses and this fragrance combines the scent of apple with a blend of exotic flowers and sensual wood notes. I love this for every day wear as well!

Jimmy Choo EDP by Jimmy Choo
Well well well...what can I say about this one? J'ADORE <3
I used to work at Boots and one day as I was walking past the perfume section this customer sprayed this and the smell just blew my mind away! As soon as I finished my shift I had to purchase it and I am so glad I did. I use this mainly on special occasions such as weddings, nights out, dinner etc. 
This fragrance is a modern fruity scent with warm, rich, woody notes. This perfume makes me feel like a modern women, strong, empowered, confident and beautiful. It is strong and lasts all day long. I have had many compliments when I have worn this as well as people asking me what perfume it was! (Always a good thing right?)

Flora EDP by Gucci
This perfume is sophisticated, subtle, elegant and classy. It has hints of citrus, rose, flower and sandalwood. Whenever I am going for a signature look, I find this perfume completes it. It has a feminine smell but very unique and not overly sweet or powering. I have already finished half a bottle of this and I will be repurchasing as soon as it is finished. 

Nina Ricci Ricci EDP by Nina Ricci
I am sure we have all been victims of perfumes where we have brought one just because of the way it looks! Yes I am looking at you Nina Ricci Ricci! I picked this bottle up because I loved the packaging. It is very 'lady like'. However the bottle itself was not the only reason why I purchased this, the smell is absolutely gorgeous. This perfume lasts all day on me. It is very vibrant and strong, I have had many customers at work ask me what perfume I was wearing (always brightens up my day to know I smell nice!). This perfume is glamourous and has a mysterious smell to it. It is floral but very fresh, some heart notes are moonflower, Indian turberose and sandalwood. I usually wear this again on special occasions depending on the mood I am in. I will also wear this once a week or so just to change from my every day perfume. 

Heen Desire Oud Arabian Perfume 
This is a very extraordinary perfume which I brought from Dubai. Once again I fell as a victim, as I mainly brought this because of the way the bottle looks! I am not sure if this can be purchased here in the UK. If you are familiar with Arab perfumes/Ouds you will know how concentrated they are. The scent of this is way too strong for my liking. However if I am going somewhere with my family dressed in traditional Arab clothes e.g an Arab wedding, I will wear this to make myself blend in more as more or less everyone will be wearing an Arabian perfume in that situation. This perfume I would say falls under the floral category with vibrant notes of agarwoody. The scent of this will last on you for weeks, so I always make sure not to spray it on my clothes as I can't stand the smell for too long without getting a headache, however I know others who love it! 

So sinful EDT
I actually brought this because I always used the body spray and when I was younger I got addicted to this smell! This is a spare bottle which I still have as I brought a few of the So Sinful EDT when they were on offer at Boots. The fragrance of this is of strawberries and pineapple for a fruity scent, violet, water-lily and jasmine before over indulging you with a rich creamy vanilla and dark chocolate base. I rarely use this anymore however I think it is perfect for the teens! It is very long lasting considering it is an EDT and for the price (around £5) I don't think you could go wrong! 

Light Blue EDT by Dolce & Gabbana
All I can say about this perfume is WOW! If you wear this ladies expect to get a lot of male attention! This perfume has a floral fruity smell with notes of sicilian, citron, apples, must, amber and jasmine with a hint of spice which I think is why guys get attracted to this. This perfume used to be my go to perfume until I realised I was getting too much day time attention and the only thing I could think of was this perfume as guys would come up to me and say how nice I smelt! I even had one guy ask me the name so he could buy his girlfriend this exact one. I love it for night time as the spicy hint makes me feel modern and confident. 

Dior Addict EDP by Dior
This is another perfume which has a spicy vanilla scent. It is rich and sensual. It has hints of mulberry flowers, mandarin leaves, queen flower, rose and strong hint of orange. I believe perfumes show personality and this perfume really makes me free free and energetic. I love the packaging, it is very travel friendly. The scent is strong and I like bold smells so people know I am wearing a perfume, otherwise what is the point of wearing one if others can not smell it? I tend to wear this to Interviews or when I know I am going somewhere 'serious' as this perfume makes me feel mature (in a good way! not as in 'old'!) and elegant. 

La Lune 18 EDT by Dolce & Gabbana 
This perfume includes aromas of lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk and leather. This scent is perfect for a hot summer day as it is refreshing. However on the other side it is also perfect for a colder weather, as on me I can smell the sweet, crispy lily and a soft hint of leather. This perfume really evolves into a delicate smell after a bit of time. However the only problem I have with this is that it does not last all day long like some of my other perfumes, otherwise it is perfect!

Woody Oud by Arabian Perfumes
Another Arabian Oud...however I love this one! I had to show you guys the packaging it came in as its very different to any of my other perfumes which I have brought! This fragrance is unisex. It has notes of rose, musk, amber, agarwood and patchouli. This fragrance reminds me of the 1001 Arabian nights show if any of you guys have watched it! The spices in this Oud makes it very traditional and strong. The smell blends out and is very balanced. I prefer this Oud over the earlier one which I mentioned in this post mainly because this is more wearable. It is not over powering nor does it give me headaches like the other one. This has a warm clean scent and is very long lasting.

Armani Mania EDP by Giorgio Armani
This is a very attractive fragrance by Armani. This has strong hints of spice followed by notes of warm, wood, lily, peony, amber, musk, orange, vanilla and mandarin. This is another perfume that will make men follow you ladies around! Men love this, I have had the most pleasant, awkward and lovely compliments whenever I have worn this! It is a very beautiful sweet but spicy floral perfume. This perfume definitely makes me feel 'sexy'!

Wooooo, I did not realise how long this post was going to be! I hope I have not bored you guys to death. I hope this post has helped you guys if you in the market looking for a new perfume! I have a few more perfumes but I will post an updated post when I add a few more to my new collection. This post is long already hence I did not want to make it any longer!

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Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know which is your favourite perfume so I can go and try out.

Disclaimer - Brought everything with my own money. This is not a sponsored post. One or two bottles may say 'tester' because I used to work at Boots and perfumes which have been discontinued were sold at a cheaper price. I always recommend you guys to test the perfume out and let it sit on your skin to see how the scent evolves as its different for everyone.


  1. My fave perfume has to be Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and Our Moment by One Direction. I'm a bit of a perfume-aholic too! People always buy me perfume for birthdays/christmases so it just keeps mounting up!


    1. I have wanted Coco Chanel Mademoiselle forever! Every time I go to purchase it I always come out the shop with a different perfume! Now you have mentioned it I will defo be purchasing it next! I've never smelt the One direction one, will check it out when I am next at the perfume shop! Haha perfumes are addictive! thanks for stopping by x

  2. I have come across your blog and absolutely love it! I have nominated you for the blogger, Liebster Award for newcomers! The questions and rules are on my blog for you to answer and let me know when you have. My blog is: www.closetcuriosity.blogspot.co.uk. Emily.x

    1. Hi thank you so much for nominating me! I will check your blog out will let you know!

  3. Great post, absolutely loving it!!! Inspired me to do the same! Loving your blog honey x


  4. I counted last night I have over 30 perfumes so I feel you on the being addicted to perfumes. I really want to buy Flora By Gucci although I've been splurging a bit lately so might have to hold on that.



    1. Woooo! Your more addicted than me haha. I have about 20 altogether can't stop buying them! I know what you mean I really want the new prada perfume but keep buying makeup products!


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