1 Apr 2014

MAC eyeshadow palette!

I love beauty products! If your a girl or guy who loves makeup you will totally understand what I mean. Over the last a few months I have been eyeing up MAC eyeshadows…but £12.50 for one? hmmm…I decided to rethink. Then I realised they do the pro palette refill pan eyeshadows for £10 and that made me consider it more. At that time I actually had an interview for MAC Cosmetics which made me crazy, I was stuck to my computer researching about their products 24/7 leading up to the interview and beyond. Everything went well and I was offered the job however due to having a holiday booked where I went travelling for 4 weeks I couldn’t start so was told I would be contacted when a new position came up…8 months gone nothing yet, sometimes I wish I never went away! Ahh well lets move on.
So as I was saying I found the £10 refill eyeshadows a very attractive price, I was basically saving £2.50 for the same amount of product! I know you will have to buy a refill palette but the cost of that will still save you more in the long run however it is not necessary to buy one. You could always use the product and put it back into its packaging to prevent any dust falling.
MAC eyeshadows without saying are very pigmented. I know for a fact top makeup artist use them or have them in their collection. Eyeshadows never really suited me as an every day wear, however for a night out they are fab to enhance your looks that extra mile. I wanted my palette to consist of natural shades as well as some colour. A part of me is Asian which means I have to attend weddings and wear colourful sarees, so I knew I needed some exotic colours. The other part of me is Arab and as you know Arabs like their dramatic smokey eye makeup which looks absolutely stunning so I needed a few colours which  I could use if I attended Middle Eastern occasions.
This is my complete MAC palette which I absolutely adore!
I will let the hardcore MAC lovers guess what colours I have! However if you do like any colours just leave a comment and I will answer to let you know the name.
Another thing…well remember how I said these were £10 on MAC’s official UK website? I paid £8! How? I brought all mine while it was 20% discount at Debenhams also used Quidoo to get 2% cash back. Now I say that is what you call a bargain! So just keep your eyes open for good offers. Check out my previous blog post if you want tips on how to save money while shopping. The palette however was full price from MAC official UK website.
I will post a few makeup looks using these eyeshadows and will be swatching them in my future posts so stay tuned!
Disclaimer: This post is completely my own. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in my post.

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