8 Apr 2014

Coastal Scents 22 PC Brush Set - First Impressions

Who does not love being woken up by an early morning delivery? I love it! Most of the time when I have ordered something online, I get so impatient waiting for the item to be dispatched and then be delivered. Half of the time I can't wait till the next morning just so I can open my package...and today was one of those days!

I ordered my Costal Scents brush set from Amazon UK for £34.50, so that works out to be just over £1.50 per brush! How cheap does that sound when MAC brushes cost £15-20? Also I opted for free saver delivery. I ordered Sunday night, and today is Tuesday and my package is here! I was not expecting this to be delivered so fast! I was actually waiting for another product to be delivered, but to my surprise this is here while I am still waiting for the other one! I don't mind though :)
Be aware this is a picture heavy post!

Makeup brushes are one of the essential tools for every makeup artist, beauty bloggers and anyone who loves makeup! Over the years I have learnt that not everything is applicable by using fingers or sponge. For those precise details a makeup brush is a necessity. I hate having to splurge out a lot of money on brushes because for that same amount of money I can invest in a nice lipstick, foundation, blusher...etc!

I researched Costal Scent brushes and read up a few mixed reviews as well as watched a few youtube videos before I was sure to purchase it. I mean for £1.50 per brush you are not loosing anything so it is worth a try!
Large fan brush

Powder brush

Flat top stippling brush

Angled blush brush

Round powder brush

Flat foundation brush

Concealer brush

Detail concealer brush

Lip brush

Doe foot blender brush

Pointer blender brush 

Brow brush

Smudge sponge brush 

Detail shadow brush 

Large eyeshadow brush

Medium eyeshadow brush

Dome shadow brush

Blender brush

Dome blender brush

Large liner brush

Medium liner brush

Small liner brush

First Impression

These brushes are very soft, I have just washed them because I will be using them tonight and there was no shredding!! Even with MAC brushes when I wash them for the first time they shed a little, so I am very impressed with this set of brushes. They are very soft but still dense enough to pick up product. I will be using these brushes religiously for the next week or two and will write an updated review.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my post. Do not forget to comment and let me know if you own these brushes and how they are working for you, as well as how long they have lasted. As I am very interested to know how long these hold up for.

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Disclaimer - I purchased this with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Wonderful brushes...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you! I am following you on bloglovin' :)

  2. I might buy some of their brushes, I really like the coastal scents eyeshadow palettes X


    1. They are worth it as they are so cheap! I have been using them since I posted this blog post and so far they are great! Let me know if you do purchase and how you get on with them! I haven't tried the eyeshadow palettes yet but have heard great reviews! On my list to buy next hopefully! Thank you for visiting my page.

  3. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Btw,I'm also on Instagram,maybe you like my account?
    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

  4. those brushes look great! I have two different brush sets, first ones were so old they were thrown away. The second set i have, i bought them cheap so they hold up okay but the eyeshadow brushes don't pick up any makeup at all.

    1. Do you know which brand those brushes were made by? These costal scents ones are great for the price! I love the eyeshadow brushes they pick up colour easily and the blending brush is also fab!


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